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I liked this book better than Twilight because Jacob is a relatable character whom I truly like. I really like the kind of friendship he has with Bella. I never felt Edward and Bella had a truly comfortable friendship with each other. I also found Bella's depression and then self-destructive behavior fascinating, and I think it's an honest look at how it feels to lose your first intense romance. I'm still not a huge Edward fan. I mean ... really? You decide (a bit late in the game, but whatever) that your girl needs protecting and you do that by withholding information, lying to her, and then abandoning her? Way to underestimate Bella's strength. And Bella does have strength. She finds it in this book, I think, and starts to stand up for what she wants. I don't really understand why she wants Edward, but I respect that she goes after him and lets nothing stand in her way.
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