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(Updated: December 10, 2011)
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Get ready for an action and mystery-filled book.

Every Other Day centres on Kali D’Angelo, a teenage girl who grown up to be a demon hunter. Well, not exactly a demon hunter every day. For every other day, she’s just normal, and every twenty four hours, she’s an efficient, deadly demon hunter. But her life takes a turn when she saves a girl, marked for death. She races against time to save herself and her friends before she turns back into her human self… and discover some answers to her own situation.

Dang it! I can’t stop thinking about this book! It’s amazingly good, and I have been graced to read this book in advance (a special thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for making this possible). It has the most important aspects of an urban-fantasy novel: kick-ass scenes, witty remarks, heartbreaking situations, and a mystery so deep you have to finish the book before you get the answer. Barnes did an excellent job on conceiving a brand new, original fantasy novel.

The characters were so cool and detailed, they were believable. Their lines were witty and funny, I so love them. I especially love Skylar, because she’s not the typical best friend you see around. Skylar is both psychic and thoughtful; she knows how to deal with her friends and how to support them. Kali was also great, though she spends her time alone for the most part of the book. Barnes expanded the definition of paranormal in this book. She cites creatures that were once popular, like the Chupacabra or the Hellhounds. Not to mention, Philippines’ own mythical monster, the Alan. Reading the book is so exciting, exhilarating, and thrilling; it’s like watching an Action/Thriller film, plus a little bit of gore. But what kept me up was the mystery. It lingers on my skin, as I dig deep on the book to find the secret to Kali’s condition.

There wasn’t a part I didn’t like, and it’s rich in details, fast-paced, and very thrilling. It has a bit of romance, though it was pushed back to pave way for more action and mystery. It’s what I really love about this book. Barnes focused on action and mystery of the book, not a common formula for bestselling books. I sure hope that readers would really find this book very amazing.

I highly recommend this to all booklovers, book bloggers, and to those who are hyped with thrilling books.
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