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So I'm kind of in love with this book.
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Every day at dawn, Kali makes a switch. Either she turns human or she turns into something else - something with a bloodlust for hunting all the things that go bump in the night. On those days, she can't feel pain, she doesn't get hungry or tired, and she heals quickly. But when she's a human, Kali is basically defenseless.

The real story starts when Kali spots a mark on a girl's - a girl I would have hated very much, if I'd been Kali - back. The mark means that Bethany has a chupacabra inside her. Kali lures it out of Bethany and into herself, hoping that when she switches at dawn and isn't a human anymore, the chupacabra will die.

Well, that doesn't happen, but that's when Zev comes in.

Zev is definitely my favorite part of the book. He has a dry type of humor, and if he was in my head, I would be a very happy camper. He frustrates me, though. I never understood how he could understand what Kali was thinking, but she could never understand him unless he was speaking directly to her.

The writing was amazing. The details were amazing. The plot was amazing. The only reason I couldn't give it five stars was because there were too many questions at the end of it. I still have no idea what a Nibbler is. I still don't understand why Kali is human every other day, even if she's the same thing Zev is. (I have a guess. But I would still like an explanation.) I still don't fully understand why her mother left. There were just too many loose ends that weren't tied up.

Overall: I couldn't stop reading. Barnes kept me guessing the entire time and did an amazing job of getting Kali's emotions across. And the best part was that it was something entirely different from other things I've read. And who doesn't love originality? 4.5 stars.
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