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"I got caught watching the one person I was supposed to not care about"...

Review: Told from alternating points of view of Sam and Heven, this prequel to Masquerade grabs you from the very beginning. I usually make notes while reading, but I hardly knew when it began and when it had ended!
As for characters, I love Sam, who seems to be the unrequited love type (god, I love those!), but I don’t really like Heven. What I don’t understand is his love for her. She’s just an average girl. What’s so special about her that Sam falls in love without ever having talked to her? I do adore her name though. Sam is such a mediocre name compared to Heven. I definitely can’t wait to see Heven in Masquerade - how she changes and becomes worthy of such adoration and all that.
The cliffhanger end rivals those of the Vampire Diaries. I reached the last page and all I could think of was No no no no no! I NEED to know what happens! NOW! :P So don’t get Before without Masquerade! I'm warning you!

Recommended for: Fans of Maggie Stiefvater and anything paranormal!

Questions I can't wait to get answered in Masquerade: What exactly is Sam? What happened to Heven? How will it affect her personality? Why is the “deal” so important? Why is Sam required to pretend Heven doesn’t exist?
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