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Young Adult Fiction 2193
It's Okay
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I really wanted to love this book. The premise is fantastic and it opens with an exciting action scene and an instant mystery. I really liked the dragon culture, and the fact that Jacinda has such a struggle, not just within herself but with her family. I didn't enjoy the constant telling instead of showing me with action and dialogue. Also, the author often repeated things I already knew. And Jacinda often contradicted herself in her thoughts. I sometimes felt like I was on a see-saw. However, Will is super intriguing, and I really wanted to know more about his family secrets! The author does a good job of building suspense, and I'm hopeful that the sequel will be more action-oriented and less chunks of exposition. Even though the writing style wasn't for me, the story is really good, and I think there will be many fans of this book.
Good Points
Fabulous premise
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