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Young Adult Fiction 1808
Tops the original.
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The long-awaited sequel to "I Am Number Four" combines the continuation of Number Four's story as he goes on the run with geeky Sam Goode and smoking hot action girl Number Six, with the story of another Lorien teen, Marina (Number Seven, whose human name is a subtle clue to one of her Legacies), her reluctant Cepan Adelina, and a seemingly fragile little girl called Ella as they hide out in a Spanish Catholic convent/girls' school.

By swapping narration between Four (I don't know why but I can't bring myself to call him by his human name; same with any of the other numbers especially Six, whose rather silly human name is revealed in this novel) and Seven, the novel seems to throw down a cliffhanger every minute, which I admit is not most people's cup of Chai but to me is perfect because it makes the action seem much more urgent and fast paced.

Of course, the novel ends with a cliffhanger and also the revelation of another Lorien teen (plus another special twist which I will not dare to reveal.)

Just one problem - when Four and Sam return to Paradise against Six's wishes, they meet up with Sarah who tells them that she's been alienated since the events of the last novel, and also turns them in to the authorities...WHY?!?!?!?

Ah well. Six makes a better girlfriend for Four anyway, she's less of a weakling and clearly eternally more loyal. At least Four's reluctant crush on Six proves that Henri was wrong about Loriens loving one person, forever - in retrospect, that part was too good to be true.

So when does the movie come out?
Good Points
-Introduction of new characters
-Split focus between Four/Six/Sam story and Marina/Adelina/Ella story
-Raging action throughout
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