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GGood book but didn't reach my expectations
(Updated: November 21, 2011)
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I love Meg Cabot books and greek mythology so I was sooooo excited about this book! Pierce, the daughter of a famous businessman and a nature conservationist almost dies after she drowns in her pool. In fact she did die but no one will believe what happened. Turns out she'd meet a death diety before at her grandfather's funeral so when she ends up in a strange place afer being in a pool the second before she naturally asks the one person who she's meet before to help her. Only he misunderstands and he brings her back to his house to be his consort so she can't 'move on' or go back to life but she escapes. The only proof she has that this ever happened is a necklace that came with her after she escaped.

Long story short it's a typical 'girl moves to new town after mysterious incident' story except the characters, like her friend Kayla or her cousin Alex, weren't really that well developed as I'd've liked them to be and John(the love interest and death diety) isn't really explained at all. Like we don't know why he's a death diety, he and Pierce never seriously talk unless it's arguing and the most we learn about him is from a freaky cemetery groundskeeper! The story seemed to catch up to itself pretty quickly at the end, like one minute it's pretty ordinary(like most of the rest of the book) but not boring and the next minute in like the last 15 pages all is revealed out of the blue.

On a more positive note Pierce was a great main character because she was pretty realistic, the storyline was unexpected and we don't get all the facts at once but they're sort of spread out throughout.

It wasn't what I expected and I don't know if that was a good thing or not.
Good Points
Pierce was a good character
Liked the idea
Never boring
Good set-up for next book at end
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