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I don't know why I torture myself and read books when I know they have love triangles. I guess maybe I decided to read this because I heard the love triangle wasn't too bad, and in retrospect, it really wasn't. However, if Skye continues to love Devin in the next books after what he did to her, then there is something seriously wrong with her. And that would be a terrible message to send to whoever is reading this book, honestly -_-

A Beautiful Dark starts off in normal. It's Skye's birthday, she has a guy pining after her, WHOO. Enter Asher and Devin, and, well, everything isn't so normal anymore. I kinda liked the way they were introduced into the book :P

I had one huge problem with this book, and it had nothing to do with the love triangle. There was no subtlety. Everything was just too obvious and predictable - except for the end with Devin, I didn't see that coming - and the mystery felt way too forced. It wasn't suspenseful at all, in my opinion.

I won't rant about the love triangle, because it doesn't pertain to this book, but every book with a love triangle, but I will say this - Skye was kind of ridiculous when it came to Asher and Devin. She's always thinking about one of them, but what really annoyed me was how one paragraph she was thinking about Asher and then the next she was thinking about Devin and it was like Asher didn't even exist, or vice versa. It wasn't very often that she compared them. In romance terms, at least.

Another issue I had was the pacing. It felt too fast to me. It seemed like it was just WHAM-BAM-ANGEL TIME. To be honest, I got kind of bored sometimes because the entire middle of the book was either Skye avoiding Asher and Devin or Skye trying to find her powers with them. (With a little romance added in, sure, but meh.)

But I do have to admit that the love triangle really wasn't too bad. I hope it remains that way in the next book. Especially after what Devin did -_-

Overall: This book needed to slow down a little bit, include some more details. Skye wasn't the best narrator to me, because of both her thoughts and actions. She just wasn't interesting. But A Beautiful Dark does seem to have a new take on angels, and the end was a complete surprise. 2.5 stars. (I'm sure I'll end up reading the sequel. Just because I'm really a masochist when it comes to books, it seems.)
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