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First Impressions: I’ve been obsessed with this series ever since Beautiful Creatures and the massive Beautiful Darkness. After finishing Beautiful Darkness, I was basically freaking out because I knew it would be awhile before this latest installment would be released. Lucky for me, I was able to receive a copy for a review. Not that I wouldn’t have ran out on its release day and bought it, because I totally would have otherwise. This series is one that I like to give away as gifts, and I have purchased three complete sets for my crazy friends who haven’t read them yet. If you haven’t read the first two books in this series, I highly suggest it before picking up Beautiful Chaos.

First 50 Pages: Despite me dying to read this book, I didn’t pick it up for about a week before I received it. Why? Well, the fact that in the book synopsis it states that this time around no happy ending will be in sight. That freaked me out a little bit and it made me really nervous about what was going to happen in the story. I was kind of expecting something major to happen in this book though because of other events that took place in the first two books. Just like the previous books, this one centers around a song called Eighteen Moons. Eighteen Moons doesn’t have a happy ending, and well, you get my point. Not only was I worried about the predicted doom and gloom, I needed enough time to read this massive book. So I waited until a, well gloomy Saturday to be able to sit and read this all in one sitting.

Plot & Characters: From the beginning, I was once again sucked into the world Kami and Margaret have created. I love the characters these authors have created and they just seem to get better and better with each book that comes out. In this book, their emotions are brought to the threshold and everything becomes much more dark and deep then in the previous novels. Beautiful Chaos centers mostly on the character Ethan and Lena. If you are a big fan of Ethan like I am, prepare yourself! Something happens in this book that just about broke my heart (and pulling out all of my hair to get the next book in my hands).

Link and Ridley are also big characters, but I don’t think they are showcased quite as much as they were before. I really don’t mind Link not having a ton of page-time because she really is my least favorite character of the bunch. I hate the way she has this selfish attitude and the way she is always messing with Ridley. Ethan though…sigh..I can’t give too much away!

As for the ending, there is a major, major cliffhanger. It nearly devastated be and I’m pretty sure I felt my heart crack in two pieces. Why Kami and Margaret? WHY!!? I suggest keeping a box of tissues close at hand for this one!

Final Thought: I most definitely recommend reading this book. I loved how it took on a darker, edgy atmosphere and dived a little bit deeper into this world the authors created. Just be prepared for all of the doom and gloom, and if you are, you’re going to fall in love with Beautiful Chaos!

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I loved the characters, and the writing was fantastic.
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