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What a sweet book. It’s long and there are lots of secondary plot lines, but the main takeaway is that this is a sweet book. Anna is bummed when her newly rich dad decides to impress his friends by sending her to Paris for a school year. Sure it’s Paris and all, but she has a life at home in Atlanta. It’s hard to start over in a new school, especially when you don’t even speak the language.

She’s immediately drawn to St. Clair (as is every single girl in the school). He’s handsome and nice and they have lots in common. The only problem is, not only does he have a girlfriend, but the one girl who’s been nice to Anna is secretly madly in love with him. Plus, Anna maybe has a boyfriend back home. It’s best if she and St. Clair are just friends.

Best laid plans and all that jazz…

I love how nice Meredith is to Anna on her first day and every day thereafter. She made all the difference in Anna’s first few days. There are a lot of supporting characters and they are all great. Every one of them is believable, with quirks and personalities. As the friends grow closer as a group, there are lots of opportunities for them to get along and fight and make up, all in very real ways. They make mistakes and learn from them, especially Anna.

The dialogue is perfect, everyone has their own personalities and the dialogue is a great reflection of that. Snappy comebacks and not-so-snappy comebacks. Friendly banter and the more serious stuff. All of it is realistic.

I think Stephanie Perkins must have been a foodie in a past life, because she can paint a yummy picture with her words.

Anyone with a sweet tooth or a love of French food will enjoy this book.

This book is so romantic, it is like a perfect depiction of falling in love. Seriously, this has everything you could want in a teen romance book. It’s sweet and tender, but has typical teenage issues like friendship, jealousy and immaturity.

The Sum Up: A wonderful story about falling in love and growing up. It’s long, but you’ll love every minute of it. This is contemporary ya at its finest.
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