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The premise of the book was great. It was like Veronica Mars if she went to Hogwarts and had magic powers. The only problem with this though was Gwen. I really wanted to like her character but every other sentence was stating her loneliness or lack of friendship. Now I know it's hard not having friends but I would of liked if the novel focused a little more on the mystery of the Bowl of Tears rather than Gwen's lack of friends. The characters weren't all bad! I really loved Daphne, she was hilarious. The relationship she has with Gwen starts off a little strained but ends with actual friendship. I especially love the one liners they were always throwing at one another. Logan Quinn was a good character as well. We didn't get to learn much about him but he seemed pretty funny (Plus he reminds me of Patrick from the show 10 Things I Hate About You). At times it felt like it moved a little slowly but it speeds up towards the end. I do think it was well-written and funny. I look forward to reading the sequel because my theory is now that Gwen has friends the next novel won't dwell so much on the lack of friendship. Plus I want to know what will happen with her and Logan. Overall all this book was a fun read. I'd say give it a try.
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I loved the humor in this book. I also loved the whole Veronica Mars/Harry Potter vibe that was going on.
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