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David Sadler is half demon-half human but 100% hot. He’s been forced to carry out the whims of his master, because his mother signed away his soul before he was even born. Right away I felt sorry for him because his choice between good and evil was taken away. But David is a survivor. Even though he’s spent centuries doing what’s been forced upon him he’s never really given up hope and continues to search for a way to extract the demon from him, allowing him to be what he truly wants to become, human.

But with a demon caged inside of him, begging for release David experiences a touch of that darkness every time he gets angry, fights, or as unfortunate luck would have it, stares down a beautiful woman.

Enter, Beka Abbot. She’s more than just a pretty girl in a skimpy dress. She’s caught David’s attention. But even she can’t deny her growing attraction for the mysterious, old spoken and good looking David. Though her job might be the reason they can never be together. She’s a Guardian and has been sent to protect the very thing David thinks might be the key to his humanity, a girl, Jessica Hanks. But that girl is David’s most recent contract, and it’s his job to take her to the dark side and to his master.

Wasteland is a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Just when you think all is well, another plot point comes out rearing its ugly head, forcing David and Beka into what seems like more of an impossible situation than the last. Even when it comes to something as simple as love David and Beka are constantly tormented and thrown in different directions.
It’s enough to have you fascinated, engrossed and begging for a happy ending. However, it’s not just a love story, not in the least, there are gripping action and fight sequences, a list of supporting characters that add so much, and what novel wouldn’t be complete without a sadistic, cruel, power-seeking Villian?

In my opinion this one truly does have it all. Wasteland makes for a captivating story that can be enjoyed by the masses and one that, man I wish I could watch on the big screen. So, if any big shot movie producers are reading this... Wasteland would be a box office hit, for sure!
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