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Light My Fire (corny but true)
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So I have read a Ton of adult novels, and when I came upon this one last year I really enjoyed it. Since the sequel comes out tomorrow, and I got my copy early, I got a chance to re-read it and then the sequel and once again I could not put it down. Jacinda is a cool character who yearns to reach her full potential and to not be cut down by her pride (community per say). The book is fast paced and once you dive in it, you won't put it down.

I don't believe in spoilers or summaries, but in order to peak your interests, I will give a few hints into the plot. There is classic forbidden romance, powers, and a new school. Its everything that a good young adult novel can have, a first day, annoying classmates and a hot new guy. I really get tired of the irresistible guy, because all books practically have that now, but this one has a cool twist. Hunter vs. Prey scenario which takes wit and power. Its really a cool book you should definitely read it!
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