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Hush, Hush
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Title: Hush, Hush
Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Genre: YA supernatural romance

Where I got it: Border’s liquidation sale ($3.75!)

One sentence: Nora’s life changes after she meets the mysterious Patch and is dragged into an ancient immortal war.

Themes: Angels, romance, mystery, bad boy,

Main character: 2/5
I wasn’t particularly thrilled with Nora. She was uninteresting, whiny, and unable to stand up for herself in any way. There also wasn’t any sort of gentle introduction to their relationship or romance

Secondary characters: 3/5
The only reason that this gets any higher rating than the main character section is because of Vee- I loved her character, even if she was oblivious and completely stubborn. Patch was your typical bad boy/blatant rip-off of Edward Cullen. I’m always a fan of the bad boy character, but I found Patch a little over the top and his treatment of Nora repulsive.

Writing style: 3/5
Nothing distracting, but also nothing particularly special. The relationship between Nora and Patch was written well, even if I didn’t agree with the plot of how it played out. The last third of the novel picked up the pace and I really started to enjoy how Fitzpatrick wrote out the action scenes.

Plot: 4/5
I read this before I read Fallen, so the idea of fallen angels was completely new and interesting to me. Fitzpatrick’s world was well thought out and had some fascinating plot twists. Although predictable, the plot was very entertaining, especially the action in the last bit.

Best scene: The showdown in the school

Positives: Entertaining plot, clear writing style, good action scenes

Negatives: Boring characters, simple writing style and plot, felt like a Twilight knockoff

Ending: Some good action scenes. Tied up the conflict without answering all the questions.

Verdict: I had higher hopes with all the hype, but it was cute and entertaining for what it was.

Rating: 6.8 / 10
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