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Dream Catcher
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Another good read that i had heard about from a friend and I never put the book down. It was a quick read in my eyes due to the riveting events that happen to takes place through the entire novel.

Having the ability to enter the dreams of others is Janie's curse that she can't control. Ever since she was eight she has been thrown into the dreams of others against he will. Escaping a dream is challenging for Janie and once she's sucked in most modern activities enable her to be dangerous when she performs them.

Alcoholic mother, poverty stricken, Janie's life fuels the character she has become: Strong, dependent, and determined. She has been in control of her life (with the minus of dreams) from a young age. Her only friend is a girl names Carrie who happens to be a childhood friend. But Janie keeps her secret to herself...

...Until she meets Cable.

The actions that Janie is forced to go through and the reactions that occur because of them, it showed me the strength that Janie withholds and it made me adore her character even more. I also really enjoyed the thrilling pace of this book, though I wish I didn't read it so quickly! But, to make up for that, there's two more books to read! Yahoooo!
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original and riveting
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