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Another Amazing Read From Jessica Warman
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I have been looking forward to another book by Jessica Warman since I finished the last pages of Where the Truth Lies. I heard about Between, and was incredibly excited. Between lived up to every expectation I had for it and surpassed them as well.

I love Warman's writing. Her writing is absolutely beautiful.

I really loved the idea of this story. I really enjoyed the story, but I found I couldn't read large portions of the book at once. I really enjoyed the idea of the "between" section between life and Heaven. It was so much fun to read about. I loved the idea of going back into memories in life to figure out what happened and fully remember.

I was also in love with the fact that there was really no romance in the book. Well, I take that back, with secondary characters there was, but there was no romance created between the 2 main characters and that was SO refreshing.

The characters were interesting - Alex and Liz both grew on me as the book went on. At first, I liked them, but I was thinking they were just your average old characters. That was definitely not the case and as the story went on, I liked them more and more. The differences between alive Liz and dead Liz were interesting as it was so clear to see how they were 2 different people. Caroline and Richie were definitely my other 2 favorite characters in the book.

The end was a huge shocker. I thought I had everything figured out and it was going to go off this way, and boom - completely opposite.

This book is a must read. It was very thought provoking and had a marvelous cast of characters. It has become another favorite of mine by the wonderful Jessica Warman.
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