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Great followup to Birthmarked
(Updated: August 02, 2011)
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Sixteen-year-old Gaia has fled the Enclave with her infant sister only to be captured by the people of Sylum, a society where women rule men and where she thinks her grandmother resides. Once there though she finds that the rules of Sylum are just as harsh as the Enclave. Here a kiss is a crime. Her sister is taken from her and Gaia must submit to their strict code. But at what cost?

I really enjoyed this sequel to Birthmarked. Gaia face was scarred by her mother in order to protect her from the Enclave. While living there no one except Leon was interested in her. But at Sylum, where there are more men than women, she finds a couple men are interested. Also she brings a must needed skill to the people of Sylum. Gaia finds that this society is in fact dying. The author does a great job multi-layering the character in Prized. Gaia is flawed but also has an inner strength that was hinted at in Birthmarked and grows here. I really thought the revelation on why the people are dying in Sylum to be fascinating. Leon's character shows up in this book too and is just as complicated.

One big thing with sequels is how well the storyline continues without being held down with way too much backstory or not enough. O'Brien succeeds at this and more. I cheered with Gaia's successes and also felt for her when she stumbled. I also loved the added love interests too. Gaia is a strong heroine who struggles with not only her appearance but also with her heart. This story will continue and I can't wait to see what the future holds for both Gaia and Leon. There's also some surprising twists throughout.
Good Points
A very strong and resourceful heroine who isn't a stereotypical character who comes in and saves the day.

The world building is intriguing and fascinating with a revelation that is surprising and believable.
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