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A fascinating take on the dystopian trend, Wither is a gorgeously written novel.

Lauren DeStefano has imagined a horrifying world where a scientist discovered a way to make a “super-embryo” where the offspring is impervious to disease. Unfortunately, it turns out that after the first generation, a virus sets in. Women only live until twenty before the virus takes them. Men live until twenty-five.

Because of this, kidnappings ensue. Young girls and teenagers are kidnapped to become part of polygamist societies, in order to produce more offspring for men. The girls who are kidnapped and aren’t deemed beautiful enough to become wives are murdered.

I don’t usually summarize the synopsis of a book, but this idea was so unique and different that I had to spotlight it. This was strangely fascinating.

The plot was fast-paced and engrossing, but the writing was beautiful. This is an odd and lovely combination that every reader hopes to get. Wither is intoxicating, beautiful, and haunting. It should definitely have a place on everybody’s shelves.

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