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The book starts right where the e-novella Summer’s Crossing ends. Our two Fey boys are off looking for a witch who probably knows the whereabouts of Grimalkin.

As we all know, the Iron Knight is the story of Prince Ash, and is narrated by him. His voice? I would say melancholic. In sharp contrast with the other books in the series, where Ash is basically the Prince Meghan fell in love with, here, we actually get to know the real Ash – his past, most especially. This is his adventure or quest to gain a soul in order to be with the girl he loves.

** spoilers ** The Iron Queen ended with Ash and Meghan separated. Ash is a soulless faery, and he cannot be with Meghan in the Iron Realm as this would kill him. Driven by love, Ash is determined to find a way to be human. He found out that in order to be one, he has to earn a soul. The thing is, earning one is not exactly easy as killing Redcaps (easy for Ash). He has to travel to the end of the world, undergo trials. With Puck and Grim (and others – trying so hard not to give anything away), he goes through an Indiana Jones-like adventure. I also got the feeling that I was reading Christmas Carol (by Charles Dickens), when the Guardian brought back Ash’s memories. ** spoilers end**

I have to say Puck. His sarcasm and quick wit neutralized Ash’s serious narration of the story. From time to time, I found myself laughing at his lines. I love Puck. I’m going to miss him. I really wish he’ll be present at the spin-off series.


“There is no pass or fail.” That cold, informal tone never changed. “There is only endure. Survive.”

Starting from the Iron King, I fell in love with the series. The world that the author built is amazing to me. I fell in love with characters. Whenever I read Julie Kagawa’s books, I feel like I am part of the book such that I feel what the characters are feeling. Affected, that’s what I am. I have never read a book that could make me feel like that. Only this series. I really don’t want to say goodbye to Ash and Meghan. I guess there will be more re-reading looming in the future. I just hope the spin-off (starring Ethan) is as good.

Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
Indiana Jones (?)

profanity: mild
violence: moderate
sexual content: moderate
mature themes: mild
age recommendation: 13+
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I can talk forever about how much I love this book! I am absolutely biased, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true! Anyway, I love how Julie Kagawa weaved her world, and how her characters interact with each other. I especially love Puck; whereas Ash was the serene voice narrating the story, Puck gave spunk to the story. Another thing I loved about this book is how it talks about being HUMAN. The book tackles issues such as sacrifice, conscience, friendship, and even death. It speaks of one’s capacity for change, and that no matter how evil you were in the past, you have a choice to change for the better. It’s actually more serious than the other books. It makes you think. Inspiring. Perfect.
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