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Birthmarked is packed with action, and I didn't want to stop. Even though the world is kinda scary because I could see society evolving into what the Enclave has created in Gaia's world, I didn't want to leave their adventure when I reached the last page.
It starts with a bang, and gets me intrigued right from the start. Why would she deliver this baby and then take it away? Why is she so torn over it? Then when her parents have been arrested and a strange but handsome guard is there to question *her* I am pretty entranced with her story and wanted to find out what was next.
Gaia's bravery and determination are admirable, and I never expect what happens next, or who will surprise me and step up to be an ally.
There is just a hint of love story in Birthmarked, but it left me satisfied, but at the same time wanting more, if that makes any sense.
I can't wait for the sequel, and to see what takes me by surprise next.
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