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(Updated: July 17, 2011)
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I really like this book. It was a little slow at first. I love Aira Flight, she reminds me of what I feel like a lot...invisible. Sometimes boys especially just act like they see your looks. I like how Aira Flight deals with it and also how she reads between the lines of what people are really saying. Her boyfriend, Mendle Orion, is cool because he gets sick of being used by his ex, hard body Sandra, who is justinto being a gym rat basically.

Sandra is a great take on every mean girl I've ever known! I like how Ms. Bonta exposes the big act of the mean girl and underneath what she's really thinking.

So the book might seem complicated but it isn't. A writer (Mendle) is sick of a world going crazy. He is writing a book and makes up a dream fantasy girl, except he's not fantasizing over body, she has qualities like kindness and compassion and brave. So he is pretty amazing and romantic. I know there are guys like that, who really care about a girl as a person not what they want to get.

(I'm personally tired of all the pimp stuff on girls and in songs) In fact, Aira Flight, the girl he makes up in his book, doesn't exists like a girl (in a body) yet but is a light-being. Then he falls in love as he writes about her and spends time in his book, so he feels good he can be with her writing about her. One day, he meets a girl at a science fiction convention who is just like the dream girl (Aira Flight) he's been writing! He's totally shocked. The real kicker is the girl has total amnesia! And no clue who she is or where she came from. Oh, and she doesn't have a navel! So he names this mysterious, ethereal girl Aira Flight, after his book's heroine! And it's spooky how they resemble each other.

From there the action gets going. Sandra the ex is mega jealous and determined to uncover the real identity of this girl who she thinks is faking amnesia. Is she ever in for a huge surprise! And the novel Mendle Orion has been writing begins to show up and meet in weird spooky ways in real life all around him.

Then Aira (this girl, whoever she is) and Mendle fall in love, and her memory starts to come back...but I won't give it away. It's a beautiful love story, a galactic romance from different worlds but totally real. And I love Onx, who is a white dog that morphs into a dragon (and who is a miniature dragon in Mendle's novel). And if you ever wonder about if there is life in other places in the universe, or what UFOs are, or extra terrestrial people, or even in dream worlds, this totally indulges that. I wish Tim Burton would make a Wonderland out of it! Would be so rad.

Sometimes I don't run with the crowd and this book was the same way it feels to know somebody really gets who you are! for exactly me. I like goth stuff and horror, but I also love light and wonder and miss it, there is so much dark everywhere! That's why I loved this book, it's even got Light as part of the title. It's funny, and I also cried and it's mysterious and romantic. The very ending is awesome and why not? Imagine.
Good Points
The characters (love them), the story! the way fantasy and dreams are mixed in hard urban story, the way it keeps you guessing and going. The humor and romance. The sadness. Doesn't talk down to me. And it's like poetry throughout the whole thing even when it mixes up urban speak with fairy tale voice.
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