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I was a little disappointed to find that Carrie Ryan's follow-up to The Forest of Hands and Teeth didn't pick up where the last one left off, but instead the story skips to a new generation. Perhaps because of this, I felt it was hard for me to care about Gabry because she didn't have much of a personality. Or rather, she didn't have the passion and fire in her like her mother, Mary did in the first book. Granted, as the story goes along she does find her voice, but I actually found myself liking the other characters more than her.

One of the best parts of this book is the love triangle between Gabry, Elias and Catcher. I must say, Carrie Ryan knows how to create drama! Catcher is the boy-next-door all around good guy and Elias is the mysterious, tortured soul. Who to pick? I really liked both of them for a lot of different reasons. Catcher really changes throughout the book so I felt like he was the most developed character.

The zombies are still here and just as bad as ever. We do find out a little bit of information about them, however so that's appreciated. One thing that I didn't like about this book is that the characters are forced to go through the forest by way of the narrow fenced-in paths and I thought that was a little redundant since a lot of the first book is spent there as well.

Overall, I liked this book almost as much as the first, there were just a few things lacking for me.

(On a side note I just want to say I think the covers in this series are beautiful!)
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