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a review by G.Clyde

I bought this book back in February when Alana and I went to the "Breathless Reads" tour. Let me start by saying that Beth Revis is such a sweet person, and hysterical to boot! I really could not stop laughing every time it was her turn to ask a question, and I couldn't wait till it was her turn to answer. Anyway..on to the book, the reason I'm here. I really liked the cover of the book and that's what made me buy it initially. While waiting on line to purchase it I read the summary and thought wow, that's new. The book was certainly nothing like I have ever read before, and I was happy to be reading something a little different than my usual, vampires, demons, angels, mer-people etc. While there was a bit of a romance between Elder and Amy, I was upset that it wasn't played out quite as much as I had hoped. When we first come across Elder in the book, all I could think of is...Jeez, I wish he found my frozen body! The book is full of interesting and mysterious characters, and I felt a quick attachment to many of them...and hate too, as you will when you read the book. The map on the inside of the dust jacket is a great visual aid while reading the book, just so you can understand the levels and different areas, so definitely utilize that. All in all I would certainly recommend this book. There is a bit of sex in it, so maybe not too good for younger people, 14 and up I'd say. The only bad thing I can say about the book is that the romance wasn't so romantic..if you can understand that. But I guess given the circumstances, you wouldn't wanna be romantic either. Otherwise, the book was GREAT, read it! It out of this universe...yea, that was corny. :)
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