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a review by alee

I loved this book, even though I don't usually read realistic fiction. What I liked most about the book was it was easy to relate to. The beginning of the book talks about the main character, Auden, who is very dedicated to her school and doesn't have many friends because of that. I liked auden the most because she was easy to relate. I think Auden was the perfect example of what teenage girls feel like sometimes which that they have to be perfect. I think as the book goes on, she begin to realize she has to be perfect, and in a way she shes that she should enjoy herself before college. By the end of the book she changes alot and becomes more herself without worrying about who her parents want her to be. I think the changes and realization she had from big events that happened made the book more relatable.

It was also just a fun book to read. It was fun because at first when Auden arrives in her father new town she doesn't know anyone, seeing how she interacted with the other girls around her funny because all of the girls were interested make up and girly stuff, while Auden is more interested preparing for college.

Another thing I liked about the book was the love story of it. It's one of the things I like about Sarah Dessens novels. She includes a love story, but the book isn't completely based on it. I think when meets Eli she changes a little bit. I think eli plays a large role in how Auden realizes everything she missed out on. Through out the book he shows her alot of things she missed in her high school years, and they share those experiences. I think Auden and Eli liked each other so much because they have so much in common but are so different at the same time. they both have insomnia and spend many nights together and they both are running away from their problems. But Auden is very dedicated to school and what people think while Eli doesn't care much about college and doesn't care about what people think and is very open about everything.

this book was great because it really did seem to reflect on alot of issues teenage girls have. it was also a great book because in only a few words it was funny, relatable and sweet.
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