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a review by Courtney

This is a hard book review to write because there were some things I just loved about this story and other things that drove me crazy!! To sum up what goes on in this story; Anna is forced to spend her senior year at a school in Paris for Americans. She is not thrilled to leave behind her best friend or her possible boyfriend. She soon begins to love Paris though when she meets a couple of new friends and a hunky English American St.Clair. Unfortunately he has a girlfriend though so she only idolizes him from a far!

What I liked about Anna and the French Kiss; I liked the characters and the plot a lot!! Anna was a lovable character and so were all her friend she made in Paris. They reminded me of the group of friends I always hung out with in high school and we did everything together! Very genuine and believable.

The plot was pretty unique and I although I could guess the ending pretty much from the beginning I never knew what was going to happen next. It had a very satisfying ending which is always a make-or-break for me and this ending sold the book!

What I didn't like about it; I did not like the annoying romantic tension. Usually that doesn't bother me but in this book it did. I was getting a bit frustrated with the way things were progressing SO SLOWLY!!

CONTENT ALERT: This is more of a PG-13 book for me!! There was no sex scenes but sometimes the language was pure filthy, for example there was a few cuss words and the word slut was used repeatedly! It didn't really bother me a whole lot but I definitely wouldn't want my young teenager reading it.

I will be looking to see what else Stephanie Perkins wrote because even though I was annoyed at times, this really was one of a few contemporary books I actually enjoyed!
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