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a review by G.Clyde

I decided to read this book because it was on the Breathless Reads tour. When I went to the NYC stop I had never heard of this book (if I did I would have boughten it) I was a little iffy about reading it regardless of how interesting it looked because the love interests' name was Ethan...that's my brothers name and reading about loving someone with that name gives me the willies. I read it anyway, and WOW I love love love this book! I feel immensely stupid for not buying it and being able to get it signed when I was at a signing with Kirsten back in November. I loved the concept of reincarnation and finding someone over different lifetimes, can you imagine how difficult that must be? I don't believe there are many books like this out there, at least none that i've read. I liked how it was romantic, but not over the top in cheesiness, that's something I always look for in a book that has romance. I would certainly absolutely recommend this book! Buy it, and if she is coming to a town near you..get it signed! I am excited that there will be another book. I really loved the ending too, and by ending I mean the last paragraph of the book, just enough cliff hanger to make you want more, but enough to leave you satisfied! MUST READ THIS BOOK!
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