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a review by G.Clyde

I knew straight out I was going to enjoy this book, I'm on a werewolf kick as of late, so when I finally got the book from the library (yes, I still go to that ancient place where they let you rent books for 2 weeks) I was excited and ready to start...I meant out to just read the first chapter before bed, which I usually do just to get started out, and before I knew it, it was getting later and I was way beyond the first chapter. I was hooked right from he beginning and I could not put it down. Needless to say, I really enjoyed this book, and though there is a romance in it, I hope that in the second one there is even more. Even though the wolves in the story shift between wolf and human quite often, I really loved how they still has wolf mannerisms in human form, particularly when they rubbed cheeks as a sign of affection, (if you've ever seen videos of real wolves doing's adorable!!). I so look forward to the second one entitled: Trial By Fire which I believe is due out in June. A definite must read! I will definitely go off to buy this one! I generally rent books first, and then buy them if I dub them worthy...I KNOW this will look lovely on my shelf! :)
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