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Young Adult Fiction 1925
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a review by Coranne

I keep going back and forth about this book. I love the premise. It reminds me of a reverse "Time Traveler's Wife" or "Kate and Leopold" (the movie not the book). I was hooked by the exhausting pace of the book and the main characters (especially Phillip). However, I was a little let down by this book when I finished reading it. The book seemed to go in so many different directions- I felt unsatisfied. I really felt as though each section of this book could have been put into its own novel- it felt very rushed and sometimes jumbled. And to be honest- the main love story started out very sweet, but then was completely unbelievable (is that giving away too much?) I would say this is a borrow book, not a buy book. I hope that the next one that comes out is better!

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