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I Hate Unfair Love Triangles!
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Reader reviewed by Kara Skinner

  This is the sequel to Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.
  At this point, Edward has left Bella, telling her he does not love her anymore. The truth is, he is trying to protect her from himself, since he happens to be a vampire and is still a human He is trying to do the responsible thing. In her depression after the break-up, she turns to her friend, Jacob, for support. But they can not stay apart. After a couple suicide attempts, they reunite.
  I love how they et back together in the end.
  And, how, though these books are usually over 800 pages long, they never seem that long. It takes less than a week to read one.
  This story had a very sweet ending, but, even though I like Jacob Black, I hate how he gets mixed up in the whole deal and gets hurt because he develops feelings for Bella. It hardly seemed fair.
  I would suggest this book for teenagers 15+ and definitely not for anyone under 13.
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