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Life Lessons From Alaska
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Reader reviewed by PLeannah

 When I first picked up this book I was
reading it because my partner is a monster John Green fan. I have
heard a lot of buzz about the book and was really excited for the
chance to pick it up. From the moment I started reading the book I
was enticed. Miles was the exact same kid I was a few years ago, and
he was going through the same problems. Not only was I able to relate
to Miles, but also to Alaska. Everybody has at one point or another
encountered an Alaska in their life, and when Alaska leaves, she will
leave with a beautiful mystery about it. The book easily could have
ended at the end of the first part, but Green took the journey to a
place I had been wondering about when I read many books, After.

Once I picked up this book there was
no putting it down. Miles had my heart along with Alaska, Chip,
Takumi, and Lara. Each character contributed very well to the book,
and each character had a story and a lesson. While some of Alaska's
lessons weren't always on the most tasteful topics, they were well
done. Green approached an uncomfortable situation very carefully and
made the purpose very clear.

Overall, I thought the book was a
careful dance among a hurricane of teenage problems. My only regret
is that I did not have the chance to read it a few years ago when it
came out (where the lessons I now know, may have been better used).
This book really seemed to accomplish some great things though, it
created a controversy about right and wrong, and serves to teach
every teenager valuable life lessons. Each young adult should get a
copy of this book the summer before they enter high school. I hope it
touches your hearts and puts your mind at ease when you realize there
is a little bit of Miles, and a little bit of Alaska in all of us.

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