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this mushed all the characters together from the first 2 books
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Reader reviewed by Alyssa

Although Blessed is the last book in the series I did not feel satisfied. For starters I couldnt get into this book. It was so long ago that I read the first one to this series that I kind of forgot what happened.  Blessed picked up where tantalize left off.  I thought it was kind of weird that this picks up after Tantalize when there was a whole other book in the middle there. 

Blessed started off with Kieren leaving Quincie.  I didnt like how Kieren left, and thats the last we heard about him till three quarters into the book. Although Quincie did think about him a couple of times throughout the book, it just wasnt enough to satisfy me.

The book started out a little slow with Quincie hiring all new employees for her restaurant. The main point of half the book revolves around her restaurant and Bradley. Then Zachary wants to be hired to be a bus boy in the restaurant.

Zachary is Quincies guardian angel. Neither Zachary nor Quincie know why she has a guardian angel in the first place. She has no soul, shes a vampire.  I absolutely love Zacharys character. I loved his character in Eternal and I love his character in Blessed. Zachary helps Quincie find her true self in this book. She kind of reinvents herself, grows up a little bit more.

I liked how Cynthia Leitich Smith put the first two books in the series, Tantalize and eternal together, and meshed the characters together. When I first started reading the parts with Zachary and Quincie I thought they would fall in love. Thankfully they didnt, that would have ruined the whole book. It was strictly friendship between them.

All in all, even though I said some negative stuff in my review (which will happen) I did like the book, it is the end of the series and at the end of all series that are good. Its sad to know that there wont be anything more to look forward to for it. But I hope that Cynthia writes another series so we can enjoy that to.

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