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Reader reviewed by Courtney

I liked Linger better than I liked the first book of the series, Shiver.  Linger was the continuation of the story of the wolf Sam and his girlfriend Grace and all their friends. In Shiver Grace tried to save Sam from staying as a wolf forever so they cured him and now he is human, so now he and Grace can be together. Things are not that easy for them though and they have to fight to stay together.  There were lots of twists and turns in this sequel that make it a fast and enjoyable read.

They've made Grace's friend Isabel a more important character in this story. Her character is a cold, angry snob but I actually enjoyed her.  She spoke what was on her mind and her emotions seemed real.  Then there are some of the newly created wolves like Cole and Victor.  Cole is disturbed and suicidal character, which is a lot like Isabel so they have a connection right from the start.

I thought Maggie did a better job at connecting you with the story Linger more so than Shiver. I felt the characters were more in depth and the story line just seemed to flow a lot better. There was again some sexual content in here that I could have lived without but it wasn't overwhelming in this book and for that reason I enjoyed it more. Great read.

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