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Veronica is a fifteen year old who is friendless, fat, and loves fashion. She gets a job at the consignment section at Clothing Bonanza, where she sorts through the clothes decided which hit the floor or should be sent down to Dollar-a-Pound. She ventures out on to the sales floor one day, out of the back Employees Only! section where she spends her days, and ends up gaining two friends - Ginger and Zoe. They talk her into spying on the stock boy, Lenny.

I had been hearing about Vintage Veronica for ages. I loved the cover and I thought the plot sounded really intriguing. I was sad to say that I did not finish it. I read off and on for about two months, not making it through more than half the book.

I found the characters flat and not very likable. Characters are the deal breakers in books for me, if I don't like them, the chances of me liking the books have drastically decreased. I did like Lenny, what I had seen of him. Ginger and Zoe were too obnoxious for my liking.

The plot was very interesting, but I would've liked a faster pace. I found the pacing very slow, which made it hard to read a lot at one time.

While Vintage Veronica wasn't the book for me, I can definitely see aspects where others would absolutely love it.
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