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A warm funny tale that expands your imagination!
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Reader reviewed by Emma C

Heaven Can Wait is a light-hearted funny story of a young woman called Lucy who, at the happiest time of her life, suddenly dies in a freak accident. She is transported straight to the gates of heaven where she is given a choice by an angel secretary to either go straight into heaven and never see the love of her life again, or stay with him but as a ghost on earth.
But of course, it is not as simple as they say its is. Cally Taylor gives you a warm-hearted account of an average girl and her battle against realizing she is dead and her determination to see her man again. At one point she is sharing a house with other 'ghosts' who are attempting the same mission, the characters and plots are well written and clever, making you fall in love with all of them.
Although this is not a difficult book to read, the challenges Lucy goes through make you think about your own life and what you would do for love. Although probably a strange thing to say, you will be surprised how much you can relate to Lucy, especially when she sees her best freind trying to make a move on her boyfriend.
There are some very funny parts of the book which make you laugh out loud and a nice surprise for the end, not to reveal too much! Some people may find this perhaps slightly silly and extremely unrealistic, however for those dreamers out there, this is a great afternoon read.
Once you put down the story, you will feel utterly satisfied.
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