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Wuthering Heights: A book for another century
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Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte is a classic book that envelopes the brutal and shocking reality of love, mortality, and marriage into its pages. The book was written in 1847, so the language it is written in is challenging and considerably different than how authors today would write. This may "turn-off" some readers because they may not like the way things are described or the way the characters interact. The book is read in first person, and often switches speakers often. This does make it confusing and can get hard to understand. Wuthering Heights does have many dull moments but we all admired the painful truth behind the story.

Emily Bronte lived a dull and boring life before she passed away at a very young age. Wuthering Heights was published in 1847 and she passed away a year later.The book does not have much action and can turn people away with its language. Bronte writes the book from the housekeeper perspective rather than any of the main characters. Nelly tells the story of the lives of many characters and how they chose their greed over their true love.

My book club would recommend this book to people who enjoy classic love stories rather than action filled. We gave it a 3 because within all of the hard language was a love story that should've been told from the view of someone who experienced the heartbreak rather than the ones who watched it. This book was definitely mean't for an older crowd rather than a young teen!
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