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Further Tale of the Beautiful Dead
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Darina hasn't seen her undead boyfriend Phoenix for months. Every time they are a part, her heart breaks all over again.

Then Hunter appears and tells Darina she needs to help Summer find out the truth behind her shooting. Only then can Darina spend time with Phoenix.

Darina tries to find out if Summer's murder was either a random shooting or from an obsessive fan. But if she solves Summer's murder this will mean she will lose Phoenix forever.

I really love this series! The beautiful dead is an unique twist on the whole I-see-dead-people premise. Darina is the one who is chosen to help solve who is behind a string of murders in her small town. What's heartwrenching is that each murder she solves means she's closer to losing Phoenix. The chemistry between Darina and Phoenix is very intense and bittersweet. It's like going to Cold Stone ice cream palor and watching them put together the most delectable chocolate fudge sundae only to not be able to eat it. I know my heart ached for poor Darina.

Another big plus is how with each book I was surprised on the revelation behind each death. Summer (Beautiful Dead) is not exception. There's twists and turns on the whole who did it.

The beautiful undead world is fascinating with how they keep people out to the effect of an electrical storm on their bodies.

Can't wait to read the next book which will be where Darina has to solve Phoenix's murder. I can already tell this is going to be a tear jerker.

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