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Reader reviewed by Lulu

The reason why I picked up Hush,Hush is because of the cover. I mean come on people it's amazing. But I ended up absoloutley loving this book. Why did I love this book so much you may ask? Well I guess we should start with the characters. Nora was a really good character, she made some good choices, she made some wrong choices, and she was awesome. Patch, oh how I love Patch, he was the best bad boy ever and he was a total hottie. Now I guess we should go with the plot. The plot was totally different then the whole vampire and werewolve thing and I loved it. Now, I absoloutley loved the suspense that Becca Fitzpatrick kept us in through the whole book. She kept me guessing throughout the the whole thing, and if you could see what was coming then you are a much better guesser then I am because I had no idea. I can now safely say the I am now a die hard Hush, Hush fan. I am no longer team Edward I am team Patch. I don't day dream about a dreamy vampire, I day dream about a total hottie bad boy fallen angle coming to rescue me. This book was a gream first novel for Becca Fitzpatrick and the next book in the series can not come fast enough.
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