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I Heart Vera
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Reader reviewed by Jadore

I dont know what to say about this book except
WOW. I didnt read Kings first book (The Dust of 100 Dogs) but Im tempted to
do so even though Im not interested in pirates.

This book is amazing, its just awesome. Magnificent!

I cant say enough about this book. I was so impressed
by the cover to begin with. (I didnt know what it meant but it sure does make

I found Vera as a NORMAL person. Shes not those
kinds of people who work hard to gain perfection. She is just NORMAL. She takes
things easily. She doesnt make a big deal out of everything. She is Ordinary,
but that makes her extraordinary.  Shes
what Id call PERFECT (at least for me)! Because she is what she is and she
doesnt want to change that since shes VERA. INVISIBLE VERA. No,

Charlie wasnt that bad either. But if he had
shared whatever he had in mind before anything happened, things might turn out
differently. Oh, how I long something wonderful to happen between the two. I dont
blame Charlie for anything& everything happens for a reason. Just like he
(Charlie) said, Vera deserve better!

Mr. Dietz, awesome guy. Cheap but awesome.  I liked him a lot.

I liked every character from the book. Except, of
course, Mr. and Mrs. Khan. But whatever! We all have our own problems, and we
all have our reasons why we dont anything about them.

This book was unique. Vera was UNIQUE. The best
book I ever read.


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