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One of my all time favorite creepy stories!
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Reader reviewed by BrielleBookworm

  First off, I'd like to recommend this
book to you if you like ghost stories. I loved this book so much, and I
think it may be in my top five favorite books of all time.

 "I crept down the hall to Kaysey's room. Inside, the only light
was a faint slant of yellow spilling in from the hall, illuminating a
little display of threadbare rag dolls on the other side of the room.
When my eyes had adjusted and the lumps of blackness had taken on
furniture shapes, I began searching for her bookbag."

  Warning: There may be some spoilers in here, but I'll keep it to a minimum. 

This book is fantastic. I couldn't put it down, not for anything. 

Dinner's ready? Be there in a minute. 
Brielle, come with me to the store. Let me finish this chapter. 

Bri, there's a flaming cat outside your door. That's nice.

my favorite chapter was probably everybody's least favorite. (**SPOILER**)
 It's the
chapter where the doll is trying to get Shara to kill herself and and
her daughter. Shara pushes Megan out of the door, overpowering the doll
and saving her daughter.

     Alexis, the MC is humorous,
memorable also. I love her thought process and her obsession with
photography. She isn't a girl you'll easily forget, and it isn't just
because she has pink hair.

  Kaysey, Lexi's sister, is the perfect
mix of creepiness, charming little girl, obsessive freak, and
bittersweet sibling. She's your average little sister, except for the
fact that she's been possessed by an evil spirit, who's bent on
revenge, even if it means murder. Kaysey seems very real, so much that
while reading the book, I wanted to save her. I wanted to smack her when
I found out she had done something stupid.
  I give it five stars.

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