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Title: Fallen
Author: Lauren Kate 
So this book was about a 3 1/2.  Normally when I rate a book a 3 it was decent but not interesting enough for me to continue the series. But strangely enough I think this series has enough potential for me to continue reading.

What i really hated was the slow pace of the book . I get the author wants to create mystery but come on I was on page 350 im still trying to figure out whats going on and no one is talking about anything. I felt like there was a good 100 pages that didnt move the book forward. I felt that it wasnt going anywhere.

I didn't like how Luce was so weak. She really wasn't that likeable. There wasn't anything that made her relatable. I did like Daniel though he was very interesting. I believe my favorite thing about this book was Luce & Daniel's destined love to fail.It was heart aching in a way that you just want everything to get better. I did like some of the other characters.I was guessing whos bad or good and all that, which i feel is important because you know a book is good when you are rooting for certain charcters.

The book had an interesting twist. I hated how they really didn't explain the shadows, and what the angels are fighting for if no one can really win.I believe the only reason why I will continue to read the series is because I was left with unanswered questions. Im hoping the series gets better. I'm not too big of a fan of the author's writing but I like the storyline and Im hoping more gets revealed. I was dissapointed with the book but I will read Torment to see if things get better.
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