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Its been over twenty years since readers first learned of Tortall in Tamora Pierces first novel Alanna. In the fifteen books that followed, readers have met numerous characters and magical creatures from the land of Tortall. In the book, Tortall and Other Lands, several of Tamora Pierces short stories are collected and published for the first time in print.


Several of the stories have new characters that we have not met before. In the story Nawat, readers are reacquainted with Nawat and Aly from Wolf Speaker and the darkings from Tricksters Queen. If you have ever wondered what happens after Tricksters Queen ends, then you will be pleased to find out in the story Nawat. The story The Dragons Tale brings back Daine and Numair as minor characters in a story that is told from the dragon Kits point of view. 


The majority of the stories in this collection are set in Tortall, but there are a few stories that are in new lands. One story, Huntress, is even set in present day New York City. Although the majority of the stories are appropriate for preteen readers, Huntress has language and content that is on a more mature level. All of the stories are beautifully written in the style that Tamora Pierce fans have come to love and enjoy from her previous works. The dialogue between the characters is believable, and at times quiet humorous. There is even a non-fantasy story, based on events from Tamora Pierces life, that will have readers captivated.


Before now, there has never been a collection of Tamora Pierces short stories. This collection of tales is the first of its kind, but I hope it wont be the last.


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