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The Hunger Games:

Book review

            In the book the Hunger Games there is a teenage girl named Katniss, she has the privilege of having to provide for her sister and mother by hunting in the forbidden forest and trading through the black market. Katniss is a well trained warrior, trained by her dad, and knows how to work her way around a bow and arrow. She risks her life every day to make sure her family can stay alive. There are 12 districts in this country that they live in and a powerful government called the Capitol holds all the power. Every year two members from each district will participate in a little thing called the Hunger Games. The drawings are chosen randomly but by the time you are twelve you are eligible to be in the games, it s cruelty. One boy and one girl are chosen from each district and all 24 of them have to fight till the death. They have to fight for their lives and use every tactic they know to stay alive. In the games you have to really watch your back because you never know what will happen next. The games are televised on TV to keep all the districts in check. The reason in the first place for the hunger games is so that what happened to district thirteen never happens again. There are many things you can do during these games but most all of them involve taking a big risk. Only one person survives in the end.

            I believe that this book I well written and the author did a great job with characters. She made the people stand out and make you try to understand what the characters were going through in the book. She made everything appeal to your senses. This book makes you stop and think that as much as we complain about a lot of things we have it pretty much made, we dont necessary have to wonder where our next meal will come from or if our government just decide to kill us all one day. Those things are not in our imagination and that is what Katniss has to go through every day.

            I do suggest that teenagers read this, it is a great book. It makes you slow down and think; maybe appreciate life a little more each day. Next time when you feel like your life sucks, stop and think about the kids who are suffering.

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