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Hunger Games
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Shane OConnell

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English 2       

The Hunger Games

            The Hunger Games is based on a story in the future that people are divided into distracts. In this novel we meet a young girl named Katniss who lives in district 12 a poor distract for mining coal. This distract is part of a country called Panem, who is controlled by the capital. Every year to show the Capital is still in control, they put on a game show. This game is called the Hunger Games. 24 children from the ages 12-18 compete to the death until there is one winner. So when the annual drawings of the names of the contestants are being called, Katnisss willingly takes her sister place. This embarks the beginnings of the adventures in the novel. We watch Katniss goes through the training, get to know her competition, and start to fall for the boy from the districts. When the games begin we watch Katniss plans her strategic moves, her allies start to form, and her feelings start to unfold.

I thought the Hunger Games was a little slow in the beginning and could have got to the action sooner. The last part of the book was very interesting with a lot of action and killing with a slight love connection. This book was very enjoyable to read and was one of my favorites. I usually dont like reading books but this one was very thrilling and kept me interested every moment and I always wanted to know what was coming next. I couldnt sleep at night because I just wanted to know what was going to happen next and always kept me on my toes. I think the author did a great job with this book and has a great imagination and  ideas.

Last, I think all teenagers have to read this book because it is entertaining. If I liked the book all the other teenagers will. Im not a big book person but this was a good one. I already got the second ordered and ready to read. This book was awesome!

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