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The Hunger Games Book Review


            I recommend reading the book The
Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  This book
has action and also a melancholy tone at some points.  The main character Katniss Everdeen nominates
herself to compete in the games.  The
games are a fight to the death.  Twenty four
people compete in the games and the last one alive wins a life time of food,
glory, and more. 


            The main
character Katniss Everdeen lives with her mom and her sister Prim in district
12, Panem.  Panem is considered North
America.  Katniss is a
strong young woman who protects and provides for her family ever since her
father died.  Prim is the opposite of
Katniss.  Gail Hawthorn is Katnisss best
friend.  They met each other while
hunting in illegal territory.  The book
opens up on a melancholy toned day.   Reaping
day is the most important day of the year. The whole family and Gail head down
to town square where they will await to see who will get to compete in the
deathly games.  Prims name is chosen from
the pile and when Katniss heres this she automatically volunteers herself so
her inexperienced hunter sister doesnt have to compete.  This shows me how Katniss will do anything for
her family and how protective she is. 
Katniss goes to the capital where the training center is.  Katniss gets her first taste of fine dinning
here.  She will stay there until the games
start.  One of her opponents is Peeta
Mellark.  He has his strengths and
weaknesses but overall a well trained person for the hunger games.  I think the author makes Peeta and Katniss very
similar in abilities to foreshadow how the games will unravel.  The games begin and Katniss makes an alliance
with a girl named Rue.  Rue eventually
dies with Katniss holding her hand.  Katniss
made an effort to stay by Rues side.  I
can see again how protective Katniss really is. 
Ironically the last two people are Peeta and Katniss.  The both of them threaten the producer of the
games to let them both win or they will both eat poisonous berries which means
they will die.  Peeta and Katniss are the
winners and win a life time of a privileged life style.       

            I think the
overall theme of this book would have to be that life is a big game.  That game has its easy and hard times but if
you persevere and make good decisions, life will reward you.  I also noticed that this author created a lot
of great bonds between the characters.

            The Hunger Games written by Suzanne
Collins is a great book because it has everything teens like.  This book has suspense, a little love
connection, and teens can actually learn from this book on how the world and
life isnt always what you expect.     

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