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The book  is about a
girl named Katness.  She and her friend, Gale,
hunt and fish outside their poor village. 
They eat what they catch and sell the rest to make money for their
families.   The country she lives in is called Panema; it's where North America once was.  The government
is really strong; it broadcasts a show called The Hunger Games.  One person
from each region is picked to be in the game. 
In the reality show 24 contestants from the same country fight against
each other.   The games are broadcast all over the country and
everyone watches the brutal show. You never know what will happen next.  Katness was the first  in her region to ever volunteer.   Why
would anyone volunteer?   Who was she protecting?
 Youll have to read the book to answer
those questions.

The book  was written
very well; once you got to the games you never wanted to put it down.
  In fact the only change I would make is to
get to the games right away.
  I felt it
started out slow, but was easy to get into because the reaping" happened so
  all of a sudden she's volunteered  for a  game show that would change and could even end
her life.
  It's action packed from then
 The whole aspect of her fighting for
her life on a game show was really an interesting idea.
  The writer does a great job describing how it
must feel to fight other people from your country who all want to win.
 It makes you think about the world we live in
and how different it could be.
 The book
goes into detail and really gets your attention.

This book is great for ages 12 and up because it
moves fast.
  It also talks about reality
shows which are popular.
think that that most readers will be able to imagine themselves in the
  Its also good to read books that
make you think.
 You can learn a lot from
The Hunger Games, and it isnt boring, so give it a chance.  
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