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Jubilee Express: Short Story #1

This is one Christmas story that you just have to read with a warm cup of cocoa beside you. It's just so adorable! The storyline is beautiful and you fall in love with the characters. It was short, simple,sweet- my favorite story in this whole book! If you buy anyone a holiday book....definitely pick this up!
A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle: Short Story #2

This was probably my least favorite short story in the book but that's because I agreed with the Duke(one of the MC's) that the guys were acting very guy-ish. Also the relationship that came out of this story didn't make as much sense as the first story and everything happened extremely quickly. I did enjoy how everything was interconnected. Bits and pieces of stuff from the first story came up along with foreshadowing to the last story. I got chills out of that. Anyway this story was okay, not terrible, not great.
The Patron Saint of Pigs #3


This story was definately cute. It was about a girl regretting her breakup with her boyfriend (something anyone can relate to). It had a.... happy ending and although I found the MC's voice to be a little whiny, she did develop over the course of the story. The plot was good and, again, you caught tidbits of the first two stories throughout this one. It made the story very real. If you're looking for a good book for a loved one this Christmas, I suggest you ask your local bookseller about this one

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