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Birthmarked: wow...a must-read!
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Reader reviewed by Kelsey

Wow. I can't think of anything this book is missing or anything the author could've written to make it better. Birthmarked has
everything from the first page: excitement, intrigue and mystery, and a
little romance. I loved the main character, Gaia, and following her
adventures: getting past the wall, trying to find and rescue her
parents, finding out that not everyone finds her face hideous, and
learning to be independent and make her own choices.

One thing
I've found through reviewing book after book on The Door to Wonderland
is that if the author doesn't write great characters, the book is pretty
much doomed from the start. Even if the plot is beyond awesome, I still
don't get a connected sense to the book, and so I rate it down. But Birthmarked
not only has evolving and self-aware characters, O'Brien wraps them up
in an engaging world, which is most definitely oppressive, but yet the
characters manage to find the good in their dismal situation.

didn't like the ending. Yes, it's probably more realistic, but hey,
what's the good in a fictional book if you can't have a happy ending?
What happened to Leon?? Is there really a Dead Forest or is it a myth?
Is Gaia's grandmother alive, and if not why did her mother tell her to
go to her in the note? I want to know Caragh O'Brien! There better be a
sequel, that's all I'm saying. Birthmarked clearly ended at a point where there could be more to the book, so I'm DEMANDING a second one!
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