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I recommend Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter because Pollyanna is a character who always looks on the bright side of things. For example, although her aunt gave her a drab bedroom Pollyanna appreciated just having a room to sleep in. Pollyanna is a girl who seems to always be happy even when sad things occur. Another example is when Pollyanna broke her legs. She knew they would eventually heal.

It was sad to see Pollyanna experience so many disappointments in her life. However, her positive attitude rubs off on the reader and leaves her or him with the same happy feelings as Pollyanna.

The book teaches us an important lesson such as never give up. It also shows us that it is important to be kind to other people.

I really enjoyed the book for the reasons above. Pollyanna would be interesting for kids who love seeing how unhappy events can turn positive. I hope you enjoy my review and the book.
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