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Darina misses Phoenix something fierce. There's been no sign of him for weeks. Phoenix is one of the Beautiful Dead, not alive but not dead either. Darina's job is to help the Beautiful Dead find out the truth behind their deaths so they can pass on.

Now it's time to find the truth behind Arizona's death. Everyone says it was a suicide but something isn't right. It doesn't help that no one cares for Ms. Former high-maintenance drama queen. It's up to Darina to help solve the mystery. Only later will she be able to help Phoenix find closure too.

I really loved the first book in this series and couldn't wait to get the next book to review. I wasn't disappointed. Darina's pain and sorrow of missing her boyfriend Phoenix is very tangible. So is the renewed pain of only seeing him for moments at a time, until Hunter, the leader of the Beautiful Dead, appears and summons Phoenix back.

What I really loved about this series is how the mysteries are handled and how all of them seem to be linked together. Plus, Arizona isn't the stereotypical mean girl. Her vulnerability is shown with surprising results. The only complaint I had was how her younger brother Raven is portrayed. At first I thought his autism was painted only in a Rainman way. But the author later tells us more that tells me that Raven suffered from something more severe. My own son has sensory issues, so I'm pretty up to date on these things. Let's just say the interaction between Arizona and Raven makes more sense once you read further on.

I do want to see more on Logan, the boy next door who wants to be more than friends with Darina. Sure, right now she's hurting but I kind of hope something develops later on.

I can't wait to read the third book SUMMER. This paranormal series has it all--a heroine you care about, undead characters that are fleshed out, and a mystery that is believable and one that surprises.
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