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I was inspired to write this review because this book was recently a
Jeopardy question - yes, it was teen week, but I was glad I knew the
answer! Do you ever want to just sit down and read a humorous, light
book that doesn't require too much deep thought? This is one of those
girl-next-door books, one that is enjoyable without being overbearing. I
do read quite a bit of YA books, and I really enjoyed this one.

Schwenk is a strong, big, athletic teenage girl that spends most of her
time running her family's dairy farm in Wisconsin. Her parent's aren't
able to work, which forces her to quit basketball & track to
basically run the farm herself. Football is a sport that runs in the
family - her two older brothers are famous football players, her father
used to be a coach, and D.J. grew up playing a lot of football with her
brothers. She is horrified when she is asked to coach Brian, the
handsome, rich quarterback from her rival high school during the summer.
In exchange for her coaching, Brian will help around the farm,
something they desperately need. At first it is awkward trying to teach
him, but as the summer progresses they find they are both teaching each
other. When she goes back to school, she does something no girl has
done before - she tries out for the football team. I love this!! As
you can imagine, this creates tension with her & Brian and the game
is on!!

The story is told from D.J.'s point of view, and often
reflects teenage ramblings but the story is still good. I am a big
sports fan, another reason why I liked this story (I have dreams about
being able to play football), and I liked it because it's a good story
about accepting who you are & staying true to yourself. There are
two more books to the series, and I also enjoyed them.

Reprinted from A Spoonful of Perception with author's permission
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